Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 1936

Lincoln's birthday*
Cold but moderating a little
14 [degrees] above zero at noon
Made chocolate pudding and cup custard and oat flake cookies today-
Done all the chores and swept and dusted-
Mother has been fine today
Rec'd a letter from Clara to Aunty-

Abraham Lincoln in 1863 daguerreotype*

*Irene made a point of saying it was Lincoln's birthday even though her diary has some pre-printed historical facts for each date. This leads me to believe that his birthday was important to her as a remembrance. I have a friend who's mother used to make a special cake for Lincoln's birthday. I can't remember if it was a log cabin, or just a log. (Image comes from Wikimedia Commons & is in the public domain.)


  1. Interesting. Oat flake cookies sound tasty.

    1. Irene maked them all the time. They were my dad's favorite along with Ranger cookies. Well, he still loves a good oat flake/meal cookie.


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