Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 1936

Cold and plesant
Chas came over and shovelled out driveway and caught the four hens at the woodhouse and we took them to the barn with the others-
I washed out my underwear and hose* and mended three dresses and hose and made butterscotch pudding-
Rec'd a letter from May Phelps-
Mother has been fine-

Woman draping stockings 1936*

*I find it interesting that my great-grandmother felt compelled to mention washing her underwear & stockings out. (Image from the National Archives. Titled: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Hosiery. Minnesac Mills. [Woman draping stockings.], 1936 - 1937 by Lewis Hine- National Archives Identifier: 518687 Local Identifier: 69-RP-500

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