Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 1936

Strong south wind getting warmer, thawing a little -
Done all the chores and shovelled out paths
Mother* has been difficult all day accused me of borrowing her mittens and now they are lost.
She has hid them some place.
gave her a new pair-

*As far as my parents can tell, "Mother" refers to Irene's step-mother, second wife of her father Irvin Smith. My mom (the genealogist) thinks she has tracked down the name of this women, but is still working on it. Irene's own mother Ophelia died on Christmas day 1894 when Irene was about 14 years old. We are unsure who "Aunty" is, but since she also receives correspondence from Clara, like Irene & Mother, we assume Aunty is Mother's sister. We also believe that Clara is the daughter of one of Mother's children (Frank, Violet, Mary, or C. Alfred), making Clara Mother's granddaughter.

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