Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 1936

Cold 16 [degrees] above zero S.E. wind at noon today- stormy*
Mended Mothers sweater
Rec'd a valentine and letter from Christine today.
Susie Harring called this P.M.
Mother had a bad spell this afternoon- determined to walk alone to Leroy Browns-
She got quiet before bedtime-
She wrote a letter to Clara-

Nor'easter in Greenwich, NY- February 13, 2014

*I'm thinking Irene's storm in Ludlowville in 1936 was nowhere near what we are getting in Greenwich right now in 2014. Holy nor'easter Batman! The snow & wind are crazy right now.


  1. We have had some brutal storms this year too. Keep warm and safe. I was talking to an elderly Aunty of mine who was recalling a year when she was a child and lived in a mountain town. She said animals froze to death stranded in deep snow. {she is 81} Certainly this could still happen, but would be less noticed as we all tend to live less isolated.

    1. Definitely. Plus, as much as we like to complain about meteorologists, I would rather have them than not. The storms & cold in January 1936 were pretty bad, but February seems to have been a bit better.


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