Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 21, 1936

Cold and plesant
Made oatflake cookies*
Swept and dusted my bed room and kitchen-
Shovelled path to corn house and got a bushel of corn-
Done all the chores-
Mother has resented my presence all day stayed in Auntys kitchen except for her meals^-
Aunty had letter from Lloyd-

*If it's not butterscotch pudding, its oatflake cookies.

^I wonder if it was the oatflake cookies that kept her leaving Aunty's to grudgingly eat with Irene? Mother must have been in rare form.


  1. "Done all the chores", I like to write down simple things I've accomplished during the day. Nothing wrong with self-acknowledgement.

    1. True. It's nice to get things done, even if it is just your regular list of things. There are some days I don't even accomplish that.


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