Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 1936

Cold Zero weather
Made three pumpkin pies* and layer cake and mopped kitchen and usual Saturday cleaning-
Done all the chores-
Mother never went to bed all night and has been tired but good all day-
Rec'd letter and $10.00 check from Clara- pays Feb. 3- from Jan 20-

Pumpkin pie recipe from Fannie Farmer Cookbook 11th ed.

*My mother's, Tamaris Dolton (nee Martin), favorite cookbook is the Fannie Farmer Cookbook, 11th edition (1965). A few years back, I bought my little sister, Heather Dolton, a copy as a gift. She is a pastry chef. Then I bought myself a copy. Mom still has hers. The spine is gone, & the binding is broken. It opens right up to 4 or 5 recipes she always made, sugar cookies, hot milk cake... Yum!

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