Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 1936

Harry and Clara left 2 o clock this P.M.
Had nice chicken dinner-
Clara measured the front south room and measured linen for lunch cloth and 4 napkins for Mother to fringe-
Vera and Gib* called this eve
also Iliff and brought me some of Mildreds birthday cake^ and ice cream
Mother has been fine today

*Vera Dolton was the daughter of Frank Dolton. Frank & Irene's husband Willard were brothers. Gib (or Geb) was, supposedly, Vera's husband. No one in the family would talk about the relationship & some deny Vera was ever married. I actually met Vera & her older sister Hazel a couple of times. They lived together in a house in Niagara Falls for many years.

^I have to say, that Mildred's chocolate cake that I made yesterday was better the second day. My pastry chef sister suggested I cut the flour to 2 c & add 1/4 c cocoa powder for a moister, more chocolaty cake.


  1. Happened onto this blog through grow your blog event. WOW this is amazing and fascinating. Love that your dates coincide with the mirror 2014 dates. You have a rare treasure. Thank you for sharing. I often think of my ancestors and wonder about a day in their lives. I am your newest follower here. I will peruse some of my old recipe books to see if I have a lemon pie recipe to share that may have come out of that era.

    1. Thanks, that would be awesome. I have been trying to search for older recipes, but was never a follower of cooking blogs before. Guess I better start finding some old fashioned ones.

      Thanks for the follow.

  2. It makes sense that the it would have been low on the cocoa, it was more expensive back then.

    1. Quite true. Plus tastes change, & we are used to more intense flavors now.


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