Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunday, March 15, 1936

Thawed and fine all day-
Made lemon pie this A.M.
combed Mothers hair and washed her neck and ears-
Harry Baker came for dinner
had a quiet nice day-
Mother built fire in living room*-
has been fine all day-
Iliff called this eve-

*This made me laugh. Since Mother "has been fine all day" I am assuming she started a fire in the fireplace/stove in the living room, but my first thought was a little old lady, menacingly starting a fire in the middle of a furnished room....... (Then while haphazardly looking for an image, I found this video. Basically, you have 2 minutes to get out of you house if it catches on fire.)


  1. HA! Another share from my own weird life - my first [fairly elderly] landlady (where I lived when I was away at university) used to set fire to the living room curtains on a fairly regular basis, as she rather fancied firemen, who she would wait for. Mostly naked. Yep. Totally a true thing. She was ABsolutely bonkers. Didn't live there long! It's things like this that are responsible for me having moved house SOOOOO many times! :-P I thought of her when I read this and had a good chortle, until I watched that video.... aha....yeah - I've realised how lucky I am not to be a charcoal stick right now! *gulp!*

    1. Oh, my. What a great story though! LOL... That video hit it home. You only have 2 minutes to get out of a burning house.


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