Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday, March 28, 1936

plesant all day-
Cooked the rooster mopped the kitchen and done usual Saturday work-
Harry worked in yard and burned burdocks* and brush in peach orchard^-
Mother got nervous and Harry was going to take her for a ride and the car would not start-
Aunty & Harry went to brick house-

Burdock burrs*

*I remember when we lived for a few months with the family in Cato, NY in the fall of 1981. My younger sister, Heather, & I made Barbie furniture out of green burdock burrs. When the burrs are green they aren't as difficult to detach. We used them like you would Bristle Blocks. Apparently burdock, or arctium, are not native to North or South America, but were introduced by Europeans. Plus, they were an inspiration for the invention of Velcro (The Big Idea: How Business Innovators Get Great Ideas to Market by Steven D. Strauss). (Image from Cherry Gal.)

^It's interesting to me that there is a peach orchard. I don't believe Irene has baked anything with peaches yet. Maybe the fruit will show up later in the year at harvest time, for NY that would be late July through early September.

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