Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday, March 20, 1936

Plesant all day
Done a little cleaning in the kitchen and the usual chores-
wrote to Clara and sent her a paper about the flood and storm damage
Harry Baker brought fresh fish for dinner* and I made a cherry pudding-
Mother was fine all day but is some difficult this eve-
wants to sleep upstairs-
no Electricity

Perch caught ice fishing (from Wild Harvest Table blog- link below)

*Looks like Harry was doing some ice fishing on Cayuga Lake. Apparently the southern part of the lake doesn't freeze over as much (it has this year, 2014), but the lake froze over in 1936 according to numerous accounts. Irene doesn't mention it, but the temperatures she denotes seem to suggest it was cold enough for the lake to freeze. Perch seem to be the main fish, along with pike, pickerel, & maybe some lake trout. I'll have to go back to NYS Department of Environment Conservation records to see if I can find out what the common fish were in Cayuga Lake in 1936. Above image comes from The Wild Harvest Table blog run by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Seneca County.

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