Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday, March 13, 1936

Four inches of snow this morning-
Thawed some during day but snows more this eve again-
Wrote to Clara this A.M.
Mail box and milk bottle box* all tore down this A.M. must have been a wreck in the storm during the night-
Mother has been good today but prouled all last night.

Milk bottle tabs from my Bicentennial memorabilia

*The images I found online of milk bottle boxes seem to be mostly galvanized metal. Some were wooden. The milk bottle tabs above are from my maternal grandmother's Bicentennial memorabilia collection which I have inherited. Aren't they great? You can see more here.


  1. I think it is great that you show the diary in its original spelling. Your milk bottle tops are great. I always buy them up when I see them. Milk tops really were the pop ad's of the previous century.

    1. Irene was a pretty good speller except for a few quirky ones. But when she misspells, it's consistently misspelled.

      I've looked around & these are the only history related ones I have seen so far. I'll have to start checking places for these milk tabs. Maybe I can find some local dairies.

  2. They are great! Your are so lucky to have them.

  3. AAAH! Those are fabulous!! When I was a kid, we moved into an old grocer's shop (still with all the old Victorian fixtures and fittings) and it turned out to have an old dairy-goods store in the garden! It had tube after tube of old cardboard milk bottle tops (circular with a pop-out hole in the middle - ideal for making pom-poms!). We left most of them when we moved away and I so wish I'd kept some. It's pretty awesome that your family have not only recorded their lives but kept the ephemera of the day - it brings their history to life.

    1. You get points for using my favorite word- ephemera! We might have saved more, but after Iliff died, my grandmother became even more of a hoarder. My sister & I were teenagers when we helped my parents clean out the house. After awhile, we just started chucking stuff. There might have been more diaries. I do have some of my paternal grandmother's journals though. They are very different from Irene's diary.


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