Friday, March 14, 2014

Saturday, March 14, 1936

Thawed and plesant but rained this eve-
Shovelled paths this morning and done all the chores-
found a white skunk* in feed box in cow stable-
Made jelly layer cake^-
Charles fixed the mail box post and got three chairs from Depot-
I mopped and dusted the kitchen as usual on Saturday-
Mother has been good today-

White skunks in 2011 (image by Ginny*)

*White skunks are apparently not albinos. They are a color variation. There are 11 species of skunk, of which, 9 are common in North America. The photograph above comes from the blog Photography by Ginny.

^I wonder if Irene makes a "plain cake" & then uses whatever jelly she has lying around for the filling...

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