Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday, March 9, 1936

Thawed but cloudy and damp all day.
Had a headache all day and tired-
Done the chores and got the meals and have not done a thing extra-
Susie Haring called this afternoon-
She is hunting cacoons of moths and butterflies*-
Mother has been quiet and peaceable all day-

Cocoons from Mark Evans' blog (link below)*

*"My favorite time to go cocoon hunting is along in maybe February or early March. By that time, most leaves have long since, blown away in the winter winds and taller grasses and brush have been as flattened as they are going to get, from the snow & ice. That makes seeing cocoons on low-hanging tree branches, all that much easier." Quote & image from Insect Collecting, Rearing & Natural History blog by Mark Evans.

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