Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday, April 1, 1936

Cold but plesant but changing to rain 8-30 P.M.
Aunty and Florence Searles both Fooled me*-
I made two elderberry pies and a molasses cake-
combed Mothers hair etc-
Mother got mad at dinner time and Iliff took her in car to brick house-
Iliff and I went to Ithaca and got groceries and then got Mother-
Robert Bower called this eve to see Clara

April Fools' Day is often portrayed with a jester^

*Darn! I wish Irene recorded what the pranks/ jokes were. For a taste of the kind of April Fools' Day joke the media was playing in 1936, check out this hoax from the Honolulu Star- Bulletin.

^Free coloring page can be found on Kids Coloring.

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