Friday, April 25, 2014

Saturday, April 25, 1936

plesant but windy south
Harry took Clara, Mother, & Aunty to Ithaca to see the Mutt Parade* this forenoon
I stayed home and made crabapple pie and mopped the kitchen and got dinner and pressed Mothers black dress-
I done all the chores
Mother has been angry and nervous because Clara worked in front south room this P.M.

Logan- white Collie mix- 2010^

*This is exactly what it sounds like. The Ithaca Mutt Pararde started in 1932 in celebration for Be-Kind-to-Animals week. By 1936, it was in its 5th year with over 400 dogs participating. Other animals, like goats, rabbits, cats, & chickens participated as well, but only non-pedigreed dogs were eligible for the 33 prizes. 1st prize went to a white Shepherd Collie named Laddie (Elsie Austen, owner), while 2nd place went to an English Setter named Don (Jean Fetter, owner).

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The Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 56, Number 137, 7 April 1936-

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^image from I Want a Pound Dog blog-




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