Monday, April 21, 2014

Tuesday, April 21, 1936

Rainy and cold all day
clear sky and stars shining this eve-
Done all the chores and made corn strach custards and stewed the last phenix apples*
Rec'd letter and $15.00ncheck from Clara pays from March 24 to April 13-
Mother has been quiet all day-

Cortland apple created in NY

*I cannot find a listing for a phenix/phoenix apple. One site says that there are over 735 variety of apples, of which only about 50 are grown in any number. That's 6.8% of the apple varieties being grown now than in 1892! My dad, who worked in a apple orchard for a number of years, has never heard of this apple. It's possible it was a local name, or that it is no longer cultivated.

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