Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thursday, April 9, 1936

plesant all day but rain this evening-
Clara came 9-30 last eve and brought an Azalia tree and a Hydrangia for Easter-
brought curtains for front south room and material for kitchen curtains and Mothers chair-
Harry came 2 P.M. after lunch and brought Easter lillies and Hyacinth* and strawberries
Mother has been happy all day

Azaleas in bloom- summer

*That's a whole lot of plants. How about looking at the "meaning" behind these flowers- Language of Flowers
  • Azalea: Temperance
  • Hyacinth: Sport, Game, Play
  • Hyacinth, Blue: Constancy
  • Hyacinth, White: Unobtrusive loveliness
  • Hydrangea (Hortensia): A boaster, Heartlessness, You are cold
  • Lily: Beauty, Elegance, Sweetness 


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