Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday, April 26, 1936

Sunday very plesant but cold wind
Harry took Clara, Mother, & Aunty top Half Acre for afternoon-
Mildred Searles came and got me to spend the afternoon and evening with them to celebrate Iliff's birthday*
Aunt Parmeal^ and Susie was there-
and Donald, Francis and little Donnie to supper**

*Iliff's birthday was April 29th. Mine is April 24th & I am having my 40th birthday party today 78 years after my grandfather's 39th birthday party.

^Mom says her name was actually Pamelia Apgar, & she died in 1937.

**Frances is Mildred Searles' sister. She married Donald Sharpsteen & had one son also named Donald. Frances died in a tuberculosis sanitarium in the Adirondacks a few years after this. Donald remarried & Donnie didn't have contact with his mother's family until he was in college.

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