Thursday, April 10, 2014

Friday, April 10, 1936

damp and cloudy
cooked chicken dinner with strawberry shortcake
Clara done up carpet and old clothing to send to Olsen Rug Co*-
to make a rug for front south room-
Harry took Mother and Clara to Ithaca this afternoon and Harry and Clara went to movie of Cecil Rhoodes^ this eve-
Mother was good

Ad for Olson Rug Co making recycled rugs*

*"Olson Rug Company was established in 1874. The manufacturing mill was located in Chicago at Diversey Ave. and Pulaski. During the war era, when raw material was scarce, people would send in their old wool rugs, rags, clothing etc. and Olson Rug would turn them into a beautiful area rug." (Quote & above image from History of Olson Rug of Chicago)

^Cecil RHODES was British businessman involved in the diamond mines in Africa. In 1936, a biopic came out about him called Rhodes of Africa starring Walter Huston as Rhodes. Presumably, this is the movie Harry & Clara went to see.

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