Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sunday, June 7, 1936

Showers this afternoon
Harry and Aunty went to the funeral of Will Hall in Ludlowville Methodist Church*.
Mother & I stayedhome.
I fixed Aunty all up & put on her false wig- and black dress.
My cold is getting better but stay hoarse in my throat-
Iliff came this eve-
His brooder stove is giving trouble- smoking up-
Mother good all day

Ludlowville Methodist Society church*

*According to the Tompkins County Historian's website, "The Ludlowville Methodist Society was formed in 1822 and built its first church, Zion's Chapel, in 1825. During 1867-1868 the congregation moved the chapel to Ludlowville. The last service was held in 1962." (image from website cited)

^A brooder stove is a stove used in a chicken (turkey, duck, etc.) house to keep the flock warm during the winter months. I found an interesting article from the Oregon State University Library talking about how creosote from these stoves was causing "mild burn and dermatitis" on turkey poults in 1946.

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