Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friday, June 19, 1936

plesant all day
Mother would not let me take rugs out and sweep & dust up stairs so I mowed the whole lawn all four sides of the house-
Mother has been pretty good other wise-
She locked her room so I would not get in-
Charles stoped for grocery list this eve-

*June 19--
1844-- Texas annexed by the United States.                                                  
1915-- Iceland, with the consent of the Danish government, grants complete suffrage to women.

*Irene's diary, like many, has history facts on the bottom of the page. Since I am such a women's suffrage nerd, I thought I would share the facts for June 19. Actually, according to Kvennasogusafn Islands website, full suffrage wasn't granted in Iceland until 1920. The 1915 date refers to women over 40 years old.

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