Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday, June 28, 1936

Sunday plesant all day
I baked a slice of ham in cream and got dinner
Harry & Clara went to Levanna to Dr. Folletts' Indian Village*
did not return until 1-30 for dinner-
Mother was very nervous and had a bad afternoon & evening
Iliff called this eve-
had Hyers root beer & sandwiched-
Clara gave me check for $15.00 pay to June 29

Article about Dr. Follett from Geneva Daily Times- June 24, 1939*

*Dr. Follett was an archeologist & anthropologist working at the Algonquin Indian site in Levanna, Cayuga County, NY. By 1939 he had written a book, & made a few presentations on the topic. Harry & Clara must have gone to see the archeological site & picnic. The article can be found HERE.

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