Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thursday, May 21, 1936

plesant all day, cold
Made rhubarb pie and stewed some for sauce
Mowed three sides of lawn this afternoon-
Leroy Bower adjusted the mower for me & took the valve from cistern pump* home to renew-
Charles harrowed the garden and Leroy drilled the oats & barley-
Mother fairly goo today-

The flushing cistern patent application 1936*

*Cisterns have been around for thousands of years. They are vessels that collect rainwater. "Most were built against the home’s foundation and water was drawn from a tap located low on the basement wall.  Some delivered the water with a hand pump.  The water, not of the quality for drinking, was mainly used for washing and laundry." (This Old House blog accessed May 21, 2014.) (*Image from patent application filed February 26, 1936 by A. Gebert.)

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