Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday, May 25, 1936

plesant & cool all day
Made oat flake cookies and helped a little in the garden-
Harry planted peas corn, string beeans, lettuce beets, parsnips & potatoes-
Harry took Mother & I to Ithaca this afternoon and ordered coal and got tomato onion, & pepper plants.
Iliff with us this eve- Mother good
*Harry got me ice cream & birthday^ card.

Irene Smith Dolton b. May 25, 1880

*This line was written up the outer, left-hand side of the entry.

 ^ Today would have been Irene's 134th birthday. My daughter, Fiona was born on this same say as Irene in 2001.

Happy 134th Birthday Irene! 

Happy 13th Birthday Fiona!



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