Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday, May 1, 1936

Aunty's - Harry's birthday
Had a chicken dinner and birthday cake for supper-
Aunty and Mother got Harry a pair of pig skin driving gloves and Clara got him a bath robe and Aunty a china cabinet for her dishes-
Harry took Aunty and I to the Strand Theater^ to see Franchot Tone and Loretta Young in "The Unguarded Hour."*
Mother was bad and would not go so Clara stayed home.

*The Unguarded Hour came out in theaters on April 10, 1936. The trailer is from the Warner Brothers Archive on YouTube.

^The Strand Threater was in Ithaca that, during Irene's diary, showed movies in between live theatre productions.

I would like to take a moment to thank Julie Demers, an adjunct professor of English at Sage College of Albany & The College of St. Rose, both in Albany, NY, for including Irene's diary in the list of potential topics for her student's final research papers. I would also like to thank the two students who choose to study Irene's diary through this blog, Jayme (at St. Rose) & Elisabeth (at Sage). I visited Sage today & was able to witness Elisabeth's presentation first hand. She even made oat flake cookies using the recipe I provided! I brought the diary so Elisabeth, & the entire class could touch it & read it. This is the way to make history come alive folks.

Elisabeth Lavelle & Tisha Dolton (me) after the presentations

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