Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 1936

Beautiful day
Mother, Aunty, Clara, Harry, and I watched the new year in last eve. Drank a toast for health and happiness for all in Port wine- and enjoyed the radio-
Have baked a butternut cake and a pumpkin and an apple pies to day.
Harry took us for a ride to Auburn and back this P.M. Harry and Clara went to moving pictures of Jungle Animals by Buck* this eve.

*Jungle Animals by Buck probably refers to one of 3 movies made prior to 1936 by animal collector Frank Buck: Bring 'Em Back Alive (1932), Wild Cargo (1934), or Fang & Claw (1935). For more information click here. Above is a clip of Buck capturing an escaped leopard from one of his films. Thanks to schmausschmaus for posting it on YouTube.

This is the start of my great-grandmother's diary from 1936. She was a widow of about 56 years old & most likely living with her step-mother & step-mother's sister in a house near Auburn, NY. 

Over the next year, I will attempt to post her diary entries day by day. Funny that 2014 starts on a Wednesday, just like 1936, but I digress. I have my father's permission to post these, as he is the nearest surviving relative. My plan is to keep true to Grandma Irene's writing style, punctuation, & misspellings, while offering historical references when needed, or just for fun.

Thanks for reading,
Tisha Dolton,
Historian &
Great-granddaughter of Irene Dolton (nee Smith)

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