Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 1936

Trees covered with frost this A.M. 4 [degrees] below zero.
Done all the chores and made cream pie and oat flake cookies this A.M.
Rec'd letter from Christine- She passes Regents in Spelling 97, Arithmetic 90%
86 in Silent Reading*
Uncle Marell has a heart attack.

*The NY State Regents testing has changed a lot over the years. I know in the 1960s, my parents did not have Regents in Spelling or Silent Reading. Is Silent Reading just reading comprehension? When I was in high school (1988-1992) I took Regents in Course I, II, & III (math), Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Global Studies, US History, & English.

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