Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday, January 3, 1936

Mother, Aunty, Clara, & Harry went to Ithaca- Mother and Aunty had their feet treated by Dr. Price
I made cookies and got dinner and dressed a rooster this P.M.
Iliff* came and spent the eve
He has rented the Horatio Smith^ place- to move this month-
Aunty's new cot bed came by express-

The front of Irene's diary

*Iliff (pronounced EYE-lif) refers to my grandfather, Iliff Willard Dolton, Sr. (1897-1981), Irene's only child with Willard Dolton.

^Could this refer to a house owned by Civil War veteran Horatio Williston Smith of Butler, NY, or his father Dr. Horatio Smith? Could they be relatives of Irene?

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