Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 1936

Charles took Aunty and Anna to Ellen Beckwith Lyon's funeral. Susie Harrington called this afternoon-
I made a plain cake* and cleaned the kitchen- sewed on Mothers apron this P.M.
Mild and plesant all day-
Done all Aunty's chores today as it was icy-

Plain Cake

 * I was unsure what a "plain cake" might be. Is it just a yellow cake? Is it an unfrosted cake? I googled it & low & behold, there are many "plain cake" recipes. I was right. It is exactly as it sounds: a plain cake. (Which I think is my favorite.) Here is one I found. (125g = 1 cup/ 180 degrees C = 350 degrees F)

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