Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 29, 1936

plesant & cool
full moon this eve-
I made ginger bread and put parafine on the jelly and put it away-
I dug the onions in the garden this afternoon and went to Mrs. Evans and got butter
Harry dug potatoes and Aunty picked them up this forenoon and he dug carots & beets this P.M and gor water from Evans'
He went to Half Acre 5 o'clock-
Rec'd letter & check $20.00 from Clara^-
paid to Nov. 4-
*Sent card to Iliff-

Envelope with Newburgh postmark Oct 27, 1936

First page of Clara's letter to Irene

Page 2 & 3 of Clara's October 1936 letter to Irene

Final page of the letter

^Clara's letter to Irene:
         P.S. I'm a great one, forgot to thank you for my pietuner. 
That was so nice of you to remember me.                                                  10/27/36
Dear Irene,
         I was glad to get your letter saying that you felt better. It must have been something we ate.
         I hate to wish time away but I'll certainly be glad when I can get home again.
         Auntie said you had a lovely cake for mother- and I do appreciate it so. Just don't know how we could manage without you. Did Mother like her flowers and was she awfully disappointed because I wasn't home? She may have forgotten that I usually did spend the day with her.
         I finally decided to go to Hudson. Anne Crawford was taken ill while I was there and had a doctor. It seemed to be a severe cold. Cousin Anne Meigs tells me she came within one of having pneumonia. There is an awful lot of it around. The more I think about it the more convinced I am that Mother should not go down to vote. It might be bad for both of them. Standing around waiting in the cold is not good for young people- and certainly not for old ones.
You have taken such good care of them Irene that I would hate to see them start off wrong this winter. If they can only be well and reasonably happy.
        I'll bet you miss your boy. How is he getting on?
        Had a letter from Harry- said he planned to dig your potatoes- no matter what we said.
        As soon as I mail this I'm taking off old ironsides (breaking in a new girdle)
        My little plant is full of green leaves. Sending a check for $20.00
                                              Lots of love

*This is written up the left hand, inside margin of the diary entry.

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