Thursday, October 16, 2014

Friday, October 16, 1936

Mothers birthday
I made a birthday cake and decorated it very pretty with Voguls decorations^-
I dug a pail of potatoes-
Clara and Lloyd sent a bouquet of crysianthemums beautiful things-
Mother was pleased and liked her cake & flowers
Aunty has had stomach trouble today-
vomited terribly-
feels better this eve-
Mother has been good today
*Harry did not come

Cake by Heather Dolton, Irene's great-granddaughter^

^I can't seem to find anything about Vogul's or Vogel's cake decorations, but I did find this site about birthday cakes. About half way down it mentions (children's) birthdays in 1936. Another site is The Food Timeline: cake history. <image by Heather Dolton, Pastry Chef. Check out her Facebook page >

*This line was written vertically up the left hand side of the diary entry.

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