Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday, October 17, 1936

Rainy day-
Rec'd a letter from Aunt Sarah
Felt badly all day and went to Dr. Trabell in Groton this eve-
He says I have Intestinal Grippe*-
Took my bath this afternoon and went over to Susie Harings for a pail of water-
Iliff and Mildred came this eve and took me to Groton-
get me pair of rubbers-
Mother has been good today.

From the Eagle-Bulletin Fayetteville, NY 04/23/1936*

*I am not sure what "intestinal grippe" is, but it made the local paper when someone came down with it. The above clipping is from a paper not too far from where Irene was living in 1936. See the paper HERE.

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