Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thursday, August 6, 1936

rained last night cooler today-
Washed more windows and washed off porch and furniture
Genie Hall came this afternoon and stayed to supper-
Vera and Gibb with Sadie Cockran came this evening-
They invited Aunty and I to go to Freeville Camp meeting* with them next Sunday eve-

Current Google map showing possible routes from Ludlowville to Freeville

*Freeville, NY in Tompkins County, only had one church, but held many camp meetings with tents & itinerant ministers coming to preach. Central & Western NY have a history of religious fervor, particularly in the early 19th century when the Second Great Awakening took hold, & lead to the regions nickname, the Burned Over District. This lead to the founding of Mormonism by Joseph Smith in Palmyra, & Spritualism with the Fox Sisters in Hydesville. There is an neat blog I found, if you are interested- Exploring the Burned Over District.

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