Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday, August 21, 1936

plesant all day
I made the brides cake and another for supper-
Harry and Iliff polished Mildreds car this forenoon and drawed water for Delbert and went to town-
Harry, Iliff, and I went to McGraw to get Christine-
I rec'd letter and check for $5.00 from Clara as a gift-

Front of postcard to Irene dated August 21, 1936
 c/o of Ella Howell. (Is this "Mother" or "Aunty"?)

Contents of postcard to Irene from Hannah

Dear Sister,                                                                         Aug 21
         I am at Florence's in Liberty having a good time, She drives her car so I have had a lot of nice rides.
Bob is at a boy scout camp for more than a week. He has a week more.
Florence is going to take me to Walton some day soon just for a day. We had our Eells reunion ^at Binghamton Park the 9th and I came home with Florence that day. So I've been here nearly two weeks. I will be home soon. Hope you dont go to see me while I am away ^but will come after I get back. love Hannah please write

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