Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday, August 7, 1936

foggy this morning early plesant all day-
Done the washing this forenoon
Shot a rabbit  in the garden this morning and dressed it and cooked it for dinner-
Ella Miller and Leroy Lobdell came this afternoon and brought a quart of ice cream^ and ice cubes and tomatoes for supper-
I made a cake and baking pow-biscuits for supper and made a platter of cold rabbit fine time
*Iliff called this eve-

^The ability to buy ice cream in a variety of flavors to enjoy at home we owe to confectioner & inventor Augusts Jackson. Jackson was a chef at the White House during the Madison Administration. After her returned to Philadelphia he opened a candy shop & began experimenting with ice cream recipes, like chocolate & strawberry. Eventually he came up with an improved method for manufacturing ice cream & began selling it in tins for home consumption, becoming one of the richest African Americans in that city. <Above is singer/songwriter Ellis Paul's song about Augustus Jackson from his album "The Hero In You" recorded February 23, 2014 at KDHX St. Louis.>

*This line is written vertically up the left hand side of the diary entry.


  1. Irene certainly had fortitude. I know it was common in those day's to use the fresh kills. But, I just have to say I couldn't do it. Probably would have starved. Thanks for sharing

    1. Well, we all have our strengths. Glad to see you are still reading along. I appreciate it!


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