Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sunday, December 27, 1936

Made a banana cream pie for dinner-
Harry took Clara & Mother to call on the Bristol sisters and then took us all for a ride-
Had a very nice ride-
Aunty & Clara on their high horse all day-
I have felt like a worm-
Mother good all day-


  1. When you think what she manages and achieves every day it's so upsetting to think that she "felt like a worm" because of the way she was treated. And yet she records the "nice ride" first - she must have been tremendously determined to persevere with such optimism. A very touching post. Hugs from Shroo :) x

    1. Right? I think that's why she was considering leaving until she & Clara had that heart-to-heart in November. It must have been very difficult living with "Mother".


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