Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wednesday, September 16, 1936

plesant day but thunder showers about 5 P.M. continuing through evening
I finished the ironing this forenoon and got dinner
Combed Mothers hair but she has been very difficult all day
We went over to the Misses Bristol this afternoon-
Miss Kate is very likable and interesting-
Miss Alice is too much "school marm" to suit me*

*Too funny. I love you, Irene!


  1. Love the school marm comment. Sounds like Irene was my kind of fun!!

    1. Definitely. My dad, Iliff Jr., has fond memories of Irene. He remembers she was always ready to go. If Iliff Sr. said, "Let's go." Irene would say, "Let me get my hat."


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