Monday, September 8, 2014

Tuesday, September 8, 1936

plesant all day Hot
Made tapioca custard for dinner
Cleaned out Aunty's stove under the oven and over the top-
and canned 14 pints of tomatoes-
Mr. Henry of the Kalamazoo Stove Co* brought the brass collars for the stove pipe-
Rec'd a card from Clara written while eating lunch in coffee shop in Binghamton-

Kalamazoo Stove Co. Inspecting Gas Burner, 1936*

*The Kalamazoo Stove Company was in existence from 1902-1952. In 1937, the pinnacle of the company's 50 years, they manufactured 100,000 stoves, and had about 27,000 employees. (Image information- Kalamazoo Stove Company, inspecting a gas burner, 1936.  #10 of 10- some are missing.  Photographed by Mamie L. Austin. Source:  Kalamazoo Public Library Photograph P-140)

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