Monday, November 3, 2014

Tuesday, November 3, 1936

Election day-
Harry took us all down to vote in Ludlowville this forenoon-
and then went home to Half Acre to vote-
I raked leaves and put around the house for banking-
about half done this afternoon-
Rains this evening-
Rec'd such a happy, nice letter from Clara^-
*wrote letter to Iliff this eve-

Envelope showing Newburgh, NY postmark from Nov. 1, 1936

Page one of Clara's letter to Irene of Nov. 1st

Pages 2 and 3 of Clara's Nov. 1 letter to Irene

Page 3 asking Irene to take it easy

^Transcript of the above letter from Clara to Irene Dolton                                                                                          Nov. 1, 1936.
Dear Irene,
          It was, indeed, a real pleasure to talk things over with you. We understand each other now and that goes a long way toward the solving of any problem. And lets always try to talk things over no matter what! It is such a satisfaction! Ours was a real conference- I would have missed something had I gone to New York. My heart actually sang all the way back to Newburgh. Now you know how I feel toward you.
          I started to tell you something about the Income tax (mine, of course) and then there was an interruption. I have asked for a personal interview so you may have a caller. If the tax man comes just tell him that I am the head of the household, pay all the bills and supportMother and Auntie. Don't mention the pension and tell him I come home practically every week end to look after things. If I can save $50 or $60 per year it will help a lot.
          I got here at 5:55 P.M. It was pretty fair time when I got as far as Monticello I was pretty tired.
          Now take it easy, Irene, and try not to worry. A serene, happy, atmosphere is more blessed than a row of of spotless households.
          I've just had my supper. Must run down and post this now- and get to work.
          I've appreciated all you have done for me and mine and I assure you that you will be appreciated in the future.
          My best wishes and love, Clara.

*This is written up the left hand, inside margin of the diary entry.

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